Philosophy and Method

At Venable Park, we have developed a disciplined, unbiased set of rules regarding adding, removing, or leaving capital invested in a particular asset class or market. We have created these rules to reduce the persuasion and noise of subjective factors such as opinion, groupthink, fear, and greed. Our primary focus is on minimizing volatility and the risk of loss. We have learned that if we can do this well, capital has the best odds of serving the needs and goals of its owners.

Our service includes a full financial review and retirement projection, updated as needed to reflect changing needs and life circumstances.

You can read more about our philosophy and method here.


The cumulative compound returns of our Venable Park Absolute Return Strategy (net of fees) vs. both Long Always and Absolute Return Benchmarks (before fees) for a 60% fixed income, 40% equity, $1,000,000+ portfolio, is updated annually and charted here.

Read more about portfolio performance and benchmarks here.

Emotional Cycle of Investing

Investors Emotional Cycle Chart.